Danner Boot Giveaway!

Check these out! ShopGala HQ is located in Denver and we’re always outside doing “outdoorsy” things. Hiking, Mountain biking, Snow shoeing, etc, etc. Boots like this last forever but they’re certainly not cheap… Adds to the saying “You…

Starbucks Happy Hour

Don’t forget about Starbucks Happy Hour going on now through May 14th! All your favorite Frappuccinos are 50% OFF daily! Tell your friends! Follow the link below for the store locator and all of the information… http://sbux.co/2q70cAg -Jess…

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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser


Magic Eraser Original When it’s time to kick dirt to the curb, look no further than Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser. It’s so tough on so many messes it’s a wall cleaner, bathtub cleaner, oven door cleaner, light switch…